What does the term ‘handcrafted’ really mean in the world of luxury kitchens?


A kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home. It’s where you gather with family, where you entertain friends, where you read the weekend paper and often eat. It’s why investing in a handcrafted luxury kitchen can enhance your life – and add substantially to the resale value of your property.

What makes a luxury kitchen handcrafted?

Most kitchen companies have a standard library of parts they offer you, and they machine-cut every component to size. It means that practically nothing is actually touched by hand, and you’re limited to the choices on offer.

Grain matched veneer drawer fronts with a silver patina finish

A handcrafted luxury kitchen is one that is designed and then built entirely to your specifications. There are no set sizes or materials or colour schemes to choose from: everything is made for you to your taste and style, using artisans who craft everything by hand from scratch.

Bespoke illuminated walnut panelling

At Grech & Grech, there are no standard sizes and colours. There are no recommended materials, or designs. Everything is one-of-a-kind, unique to you, bespoke and hand-finished. It makes us pretty unique in the world of handcrafted luxury kitchens.

What makes a handcrafted luxury kitchen so much better?

A handcrafted luxury kitchen is a thing of joy for many reasons. As our Creative Director Will Grech says, “When you commission a truly bespoke luxury kitchen, you have absolute freedom in what you want. If you want to mirror a feature in your Georgian home, no problem! Maybe you want to build in as much tech as you can. Or you’re super tidy so choose for all appliances hidden away for a sleek and pared-down look. You’re entirely in the driving seat.”

As there are also no fixed sizes, collections or ranges, our craftspeople will customise the depth of drawers, the shape of cabinets, the angle of curves and so on. It means everything is built especially by hand for your space, resulting in the perfect design and fit.
As we like to say, we have a unique hands-on approach to every luxury kitchen.


Contact us today to discuss creating a bespoke, handcrafted luxury kitchen or find out more about how we can help you develop a unique design.

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Now you see me, now you don’t
A pair of special starburst handles set flush with the door face
This is our CNC room.
We have had this for two years, I cannot imagine life without it
I do like Starburst Veneering
Spot the Maltese cross
This is part of a wall panel.
There is Dinning table to match the wall panel .
Hope you appreciate the high gloss work
This is what a £140,000 high gloss lacquering sander looks like.
Can not wait until it is install in our workshop to accompany our high tech machines.
How many kitchen company can make this automated media unit to match the kitchen. Hidden TV , Speakers that transmit through the paneling left and right of the TV.
Gold plated table legs for a Dinning table with high gloss top and base In dyed eucalyptus. We designed and made this Commission for a mansion in Virginia water
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